Why choose genuine lamps?

By selecting a genuine replacement lamp for your projector
you are assured the very best in brightness, color, safety and product life.


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Lamp and projector manufacturers work in a continuous development partnership to bring outstanding brightness and color to your projected presentations and videos. Every component from the lamp, through the optics, power supply, electronics and including all processing algorithms are harmonized to give an optimum image.

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Rich colors matter, but so does color uniformity. A genuine lamp from the original manufacturer guarantees the exact chemical mix and optical alignment to give vibrant and consistent color across the whole image.


Operating at extremely high temperatures, this high voltage, high pressure quartz and glass component is safe to be handled and fitted by the projector user, due to the scrupulous manufacturing and testing processes employed. For peace of mind, only fit genuine parts in your projector.

Hotter than the sun

Hotter than the sun

Temperatures > 8000k
Pressure > 200 bar
Ignition power, up to 20kV

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With a genuine lamp you can enjoy the full life from both your replacement lamp and your projector. Uniquely engineered to operate with the projector's electrical components, only genuine lamps can assure you full life performance and keep the projector warranty valid.

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