Non-Genuine lamps

Non-Genuine lamps include copy and counterfeit lamps that do not guarantee the same
performance as genuine original lamps. Whenever a non-genuine lamp is used, there
is a risk that the use of substandard components and build techniques will result in a
shorter life of the lamp or of the projector and may even represent a danger to users.

Image quality

Poor burner construction using substandard components and techniques results in a lower light output.

Burner construction comparison

Bulb Technical Diagram

Poor alignment of the burner result in less light being gathered and directed to the projected screen. It can also cause issues in color uniformity where the background shading changes from one edge to the other.

Burner alignment

Original Lamp - burner well aligned.

Copy lamp - low precision, reduced light output.

Substandard reflectors with loose manufacturing tolerances and cheap coatings will significantly reduce the brightness of a projected image.

KEMA Report

Philips Lighting commissioned an independent study into the quality of a range of copy lamps versus genuine original lamps. The impartial study, undertaken by KEMA, concluded that poor component selection and build quality, on average, reduced brightness by over 30% and in the worst case over 50%. View report.

Lamp lifetime

Poor component selection and build quality will reduce the life performance of any product. However, with replacement projector lamps the whole electrical package has to be harmonized for best results. The lamp driver unit or ballast is often uniquely designed for the lamp of each projector model to ensure a steady arc of light and an image that doesn't flicker. A steady arc, results in a cleaner image, controlled component ageing and reliability in future lamp ignition. If the arc jumps it will damage the burners' electrodes causing the image to flicker and become harder to start as the arc gap widens.

Poorly constructed copy lamp

Poorly constructed copy lamp

Overheating is often the cause of early lamp failure which is why the original manufacturers spend considerable development time in managing airflow for lamp cooling. Even the grill size of an air filter can have a noticeable effect on the lamp performance and consequent lifetime.

Copy of melted casing due to sub standard materials

Copy lamp casing melted as a result of substandard materials and construction.


Non genuine lamps are not covered by the projector manufacturer's warranty and a malfunctioning lamp may damage the projector and void the complete projector's warranty.


Operating at extremely high temperatures, this high voltage, high pressure quartz and glass component needs to be safe to be handled and fitted by the projector user. Don't use anything that could compromise safety in your home, workplace or classroom.